CommsWire - 19 July 2018

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Australia 8th in mobile speeds, but 54th in fixed broadband
Australia has enviable mobile download speeds, averaging out at 50.53Mbps and sitting eighth in a list of 124 countries compiled by Ookla, the company that provides the online Speedtest application for testing download and upload speeds.

NBN buying too much copper for fibre network, says Labor
The NBN Co, the company rolling out Australia's national broadband network, the NBN, has bought enough new copper wire that can go around Australia one and a half times, the Australian Labor Party claims.

Optus announces being named key telco supplier to NSW Govt
Three days after the NSW Government touted its smart digital procurement benefits in deals with telcos, Microsoft and Salesforce, Optus has announced it is one of the winners. 

Motorola, Siemens team up on communications 'innovation'
Motorola Solutions and Siemens have formalised plans to develop innovative communications technologies for the Australian industrial sector via an exclusive partnership.

Buried US Internet infrastructure faces risk from rising seas
Rising seas may inundate thousands of kilometres of buried fibre optic cable in densely populated coastal regions of the US in as little as 15 years due to climate change, a study has warned.