Cloud computing

A structured bibliography is provided to assist research into the late-2013 status of cloud and data sovereignty (or “digital protectionism”) policy discussions in Australia and elsewhere.

Data sovereignty, Cloud computing, digital protectionism, bibliography

Cloud computing inherently comes with a number of vulnerabilities that increase the space for cyber attacks. This paper aims to provide an overview of major potential risks to privacy and security in the cloud. Various emerging threats and attack methods are discussed, and some speculative future research directions are presented.

Cloud computing, cyber attacks, security in cloud computing, privacy in cloud computing

This presentation assumes that an ACS audience is familiar with the various forms of cloud computing and so, while it will briefly address what cloud computing is and why it is so important, its ma

Cloud computing

This presentation provides an example of how the Cloud can be utilised to quickly establish an international business with inherent cost and performance advantages. It also explains why delivery of web content via the Cloud will become a mainstream way of conducting business for industries ranging from Banking to Television and beyond.

Cloud computing, content delivery

Early adopters have found the general case for cloud computing is clear; it's better, faster, less risky and less costly than doing it in house.

Cloud computing

An overview of cloud computing is given, describing its different deployment types, its service models, the parallel programming framework that underpins it, and the issues in security management and privacy regulation.

Cloud computing, parallel programming, security in cloud computing, privacy in cloud computing

This paper describes the rationale behind AARNet’s involvement in providing a range of value-added services over its Research and Education high-speed network. Special emphasis is given to services offered ‘in the Cloud’, and in particular concentrating on its latest service offering, Cloudstor+, which provides Cloud storage to researchers across Australia.

Cloud computing, internet, Value added services, AARNet

Making Cloud Real will cover what analysts are predicting about cloud, what cloud can do for you, different cloud models, integration approaches so business processes work and migration considerations. The changes to IT job roles in a cloudy future will also be discussed.

Cloud computing
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