Early experience with high speed broadband

Developments in networking and collaboration technologies offer new opportunities for employees to telework. Findings indicate that productivity requires a different management approach and high-level IT support but the ability to telework fosters wellbeing, which in turn contributes to productivity.

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This paper reports initial findings from two of the latest research projects commissioned by Innovation and Business Skills Australia. Studies into digital literacy and adoption of information technology and broadband services at three of the earliest NBN release sites show that the readiness to compete in the Digital Economy is affected by the ability to acquire specific ICT skills.

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This paper provides an overview of presentations and discussion at the October 2012 “Converging on an NBN Future” symposium held at the University of Canberra. The paper notes the need for increased digital literacy across society, industry and governments. Policy issues are discussed and recommendations made for advancing the NBN.

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Much has been written about a reported high cost of the NBN. This paper looks at some of its benefits that are helping to make Tasmania potentially as much a centre of the economic world as London, New York, Sydney or Melbourne.

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The New Zealand Government Ultrafast Broadband Initiative has been in progress now for a little over two years. This paper provides a brief review of three of the ways the UFB is being used to enhance the outcomes for business, education and healthcare. Residential take up is slow ...

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High-speed broadband networks are an essential element in today’s society, and access should be available on an equitable basis, worldwide. This paper explores how that goal can be achieved, and describes the work being done by the UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development.

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This article examines the views of a selection of national governments on the desirability of ubiquitous high speed broadband and any plans or policies in place to achieve this. It notes that 82 percent of investment in 2012-17 in the world’s developed countries is estimated to be in FTTH.

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This guest editorial provides an overview of eight papers describing early experiences with high speed broadband.

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