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Spirit offers back-up Internet service over wireless
NBN alternative Internet service provider Spirit Telecom has launched a back-up Internet service that will remain redundant until it is needed, under the name Redundancy-as-a-Service.

Telstra profits drop on back of Ooyala investment disaster

Four companies join to reach 2Gbps speeds over 4G
Record-breaking 4G speeds of up to 2Gpbs have been achieved by Telstra, Ericsson, Netgear and Qualcomm Technologies in laboratory testing using a chipset that was recently released.

Labor claims NBN has reached 'new depths of confusion'

NBN Co posts record $2.4 billion loss for first half

SMBs lack confidence in delivery of NBN within two years

ACCC optimistic for consumers as CVC acquisition rises

30% to abandon NBN for wireless: ALP report claim

NBN Co trials enterprise gigabit service
NBN Co has begun a trial of a new wholesale product that will provide symmetrical speeds of up to 1Gbps and three of the largest fixed line telecommunications providers have jumped on board.

NBN cuts deal to deliver business-grade satellite services
NBN Co has signed a deal worth $184 million over 10 years with Speedcast International to deliver wholesale business satellite services to regional and remote Australia.


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