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ACCC scrutinising NBN service standards in light of increasing complaints

Court action against Optus over allegations of misleading customers on NBN

NBN Co unveils new pricing structure with discounted wholesale costs

Rowland makes NBN an issue ahead of by-election
A watershed test of the effect that the still growing national broadband network fiasco has had on the fortunes of the sitting Government may be displayed at the ballot box next weekend.

Internet Australia calls on ISPs to reimburse NBN consumers
Internet Australia has weighed into the debate about consumers being misled on NBN Internet speeds by telcos, calling on all ISPs to follow Telstra and Optus and reimburse misled FttN customers.

Optus to compensate 8700 NBN customers for slow speeds
Optus has become the second telco to offer compensation to its customers on certain NBN plans, with about 8700 users to be offered "remedies" for being misled about the maximum speeds they could achieve.

Data use in Australia explodes by 43% in past year: ACMA

ACCC says it won’t oppose Fox Sports, Foxtel merger
The competition regulator, the ACCC, says a proposed merger of Fox Sports and Foxtel won’t substantially lessen competition in the market and has now given it the final green light.

TPG, City of Adelaide to partner on 10Gbps network rollout
While the NBN providers struggle to deliver 100Mbps to premium users, the City of Adelaide is partnering with TPG Telecom in a project to deliver a 10 Gigabit fibre-optic data network.

HFC network will need work to be fit for NBN: experts
Technical experts who have closely followed the rollout of the NBN say Telstra's HFC network will need considerable work done on it to meet the needs of NBN customers.


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