CommsWire - 29 March 2018

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Australia-Singapore cable laying gets underway
Laying of the Australia-Singapore subsea cable has commenced, with two ships laying two distinct sections from near Christmas Island to Fremantle, and the other in shallow water between Singapore and Christmas Island.

Vodafone launches new NBN plans, new Vodafone TV and free Netflix deal
Vodafone has expanded the areas its NBN service is available, has launched a new 4K HDR Android TV-powered set-top box with terrestrial TV tuner capability, and offers 12 months of Netflix on its top two NBN plans.

No vision, ?confusion and negativity? surround the NBN
The business and investment models for the NBN have been built on a very unclear footing and the question can even be asked whether there is a business plan at all, according to telecommunications analyst Paul Budde.

Good NBN experience? You are needed by a PR flack
NBN Co appears to be tired of hearing the same old "NBN sucks" story and has launched a bid to convince the populace that the experience of using the network is a positive one.

Macquarie Telecom deploys SD-WAN to aged care facilities
Macquarie Telecom has deployed SD-WAN services to facilities in Western Australia and New South Wales of aged car provider Hall & Prior.