CommsWire - 3 April 2018

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Four big ISPs achieving good NBN speeds, says ACCC
The first report from the ACCC's broadband monitoring programme shows that NBN services from iiNet, Optus, Telstra and TPG are achieving between 80% and a little over 90% of the maximum plan speeds during the busy evening period.

World not shifting to full 5G transition until 2019
Despite a lot of 5G hype including 5G over Wi-Fi, some telcos ambitiously claiming 4.5-like services are 5G, and 5G trials, 2018 is not the true year of 5G according to an analyst.

Telstra offers 25GB for $49pm to new Mx customers
If you are content with talking to Telstra via text chat only and strictly self-managing your account (but with full text-chat support), Telstra's Mx Go Mobile Plus Online BYO plans are an interesting MVNO alternative.

More than 300,000 .eu domains to be cancelled due to Brexit
The European Union will cancel all .eu domains which have been registered by registrants in Britain after the country completes the Brexit process.

New cyber security laws beef up infrastructure protection, says Macquarie
New laws to protect critical infrastructure from malicious attack are a crucial step forward in protecting Australia?s economic nervous system from cyber attack, according to cyber security firm Macquarie Government.