Application Member data
  • Member accounts may only be set up by an authorised membership administrator of the Society.
  • Personal data is collected about members sufficient only to verify their membership of the Society and to communicate with them.
  • Public member data comprises the user's name, avatar and public profile as submitted by the individual user. These become publicly accessible if the user submits content to the site in the form of page content or comments.
  • All other personal data is kept private and is visible only to authorised membership administrators of the Society.
  • The names of members are visible to other logged-in members.
  • Logged-in members may communicate with other Society members using a contact form.
  • Email addresses are not exposed in contacts via the web contact form but may become visible if a member replies to a contact directly.
  • Authors of Journal articles may publish their own email addresses in their profiles. These will be automatically obfuscated to avoid spambots. 
  • All private member data is hidden from anonymous users, search engines and third parties.
Email communications
  • Members and site users will receive emails from time to time related to their membership or to transactions such as event registrations and purchases. Users cannot unsubscribe from such emails.
  • Members may unsubscribe from all other communications including newsletters.
  • Members and anonymous users may subscribe to and unsubscribe from newsletters by providing only their email address. Where a user account exists the subscription will be linked to the account.
Record keeping
  • TelSoc is obliged by legislation to retain records pertaining to financial transactions. 
  • In normal operation these records are accessible to individual members (or non-members who have purchased event seats or other products) by visiting their account page when logged-in.
  • If an individual ceases to be a user of the site and there are no transaction records required to be retained, the user account will be deleted together with pertaining personal details.
  • The only details which are kept on deletion of an account are email addresses on the unsubscribed email list to ensure that emails are not sent inadvertently. In all other respects the user is treated as being anonymous.
Third party sites
  • Third party sites are used by the Society website to provide certain site functionality such as site usage analytics, social media sharing, mapping, media processing, security, spam protection, etc. 
  • Some third party sites periodically take snapshots of the Society website for search and archiving purposes. These include search engines such as Google, Bing, WayBackMachine and PANDORA, the web archive of the National Library of Australia.
  • The Society website uses third party sites, AddThis and/or ShareThis for social media sharing and analytics. Click on these links to view the AddThis privacy policy and ShareThis privacy policy.
  • The Society website uses third-party services for protection against security breaches and damaging and inappropriate content. These services entail the collection and processing of available data such as IP address and message content. Such information will be analyzed by the service provider, stored on its servers and compared with other messages. Access to the Society site will be controlled on the basis of this analysis. Such data may also be used by the service providers to optimise the performance of its services and to provide services to other websites.

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